November 15, 2012

Girls love assholes.

Girls (like me) love assholes. Anyone who're wrong. We may grow tired and get over it, but we still love them deep down.

Married Man laughed at my reaction to Ron Swanson. "I love that you can't handle a guy being nice to you." But really what am I supposed to think?? The guy wants to make me dinner. That doesn't happen to me. There must be something wrong with him...obviously. Doesn't he know he's supposed to pressure me into sleeping with him, only to never contact me again?

This is just not normal.

It makes me mad that I'm so surprised by his behavior. Have I completely forgot about what it was like to have someone truly care about me? The Busy Builder isn't pleased with my latest entries. Shocking, I know. Naturally, he's felt a need to respond to my recent entries. He knows I have a weakness for assholes, yet he denies being one. "You made zero effort with me, and that probably made me want it more," I said. "It's more complicated than that," he replied. But I know that means he wishes we could hook up again. I told him I can no longer think about our situation as complicated. That's how I ended up seeing him for so long after he showed complete disregard for my feelings.

girls love assholes

No more assholes. It's time for a cleanse. 

And hey, it doesn't hurt that I like hanging out with Ron Swanson. The man makes a nice steak dinner. 


  1. It really is shocking sometimes how our mindsets have shifted, and someone being nice and treating us well feels foreign and familiar, and like something to be skeptical of. I'm the same way, and really, it annoys me!

    Enjoy Ron Swanson and his steak dinners, damn it! We are capable of change, and of upping our expectations.

    1. Thank you blue moon! I totally believe we are capable of change!

  2. He sounds amazing and hope you two continue to enjoy each other's company. You deserve a nice guy, not assholes! Can't wait to hear more..



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