November 1, 2012

Fortune Cookie Fail

Sometimes when I'm hungover and slightly depressed about my love life, I head for Panda Express.  I can't help it. I find orange chicken comforting.

You may have noticed I was not posting as frequently as I usually do, and it's because a lot has been going on..things I would love to write about, but would hate to be ridiculed for. Maybe it's the change in season, but I've been getting a little antsy, feeling a need to make some changes to my personal life. I need some advice!

So there I was, finishing up my fried rice, when I thought..."Hey Lindsay, maybe your fortune cookie will help you decide what to do!"

panda express

Did Panda Express just call me fat? Fuck off.


  1. MMM, fried rice. I had a stromboli last night. Luckily the food gods were laughing at me and left out the chicken AND the pepperoni I wanted in it, leaving me with....cheese and bread. I was too lazy and annoyed to complain. Oy.

    1. Cheese and bread? Nothing to complain about there!



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