November 20, 2012

Boys Dumb. Girls Crazy.

boys dumb girls crazy
Are girls more observant than guys?
I'm starting to think so.

A large portion of my relationships ended because I "observed" more carefully than the guy expected...

The worst example was when The Playboy and I had a wonderful night together celebrating the holidays, but then I went to use his restroom and saw a pile of bobby pins and fake eyelashes on the counter. I mean, really? He couldn't bother to clean up after another girl who spent the night... right after he promised me he would never see her again?? Sloppy.

Ron Swanson has been pretty perfect by normal standards, but when I went to eat his steak dinner I took a quick look around his bachelor pad. It was totally normal until she appeared...

"Ex-wife" labeled on a box for an external hard drive sitting right on his desk. Her real name was handwritten with little flowers surrounding...

Oh god. How can I not stalk her now? Is she prettier than me? 

I don't know if it's just my experience, but I think guys are not as good at cleaning up after their previous relationships. Hell, I make sure there's no sign of my ex before a new guy comes over. But, it seems I am always very aware of another girl's presence.

Girls are crazy. Guys, just don't leave your trail out in the open.


  1. I completely agree that men tend to be much less aware of these things. Every relationship I've gotten into I've found evidence of the last relationship....from toiletries to hairbands to whatever else. They seem slightly oblivious! Personally, if I break up with a guy I'm going to notice (and rectify) the sight of his shaving cream under my sink!

  2. I once found a drawer of underwear!! Alright you may say it was creepy of me to even open a dresser drawer but he told me to grab a shirt, I mean come on! Are you looking at those things and reminiscing on the good ol days,,,, haha gross. No clue! /:

    1. Ewwww that's sick. I don't even wanna know what guy this was...but I know who this is "Miss Backwards Smile" ;)

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