October 11, 2012

Zombies are not a turn on.

I remember, as a teenager, thinking that scary movies were great with a boy. I can get all scared, and he can have an excuse to hold me...it's perfect! Now that I'm a bit older, I'm not so sure where this appeal comes from.

zombie sex

This guy and I were hanging out one night, and he suggested we start watching The Walking Dead. A TV show about Zombies? Um, ok...I did hear it's pretty good. We started the very first episode, and I could barely hear any sound. I knew something bad was going to happen. It's about fucking Zombies! [Wait, no. It's not about fucking zombies. It's about THE fucking zombies. Ew.]

Anyway, I'm already scared and thinking this is the perfect time for cuddling up in his arms, but then it started getting gore-y. Oh gross, these zombies are so disgusting!

He started touching my neck, playing with hair, clearly trying to distract me. He was smiling, but my face was frozen. My body was so confused! Should I get turned on? His kisses felt so good...
But OH MY GOD that woman has only half a body and she's crawling around trying to eat people! C'mon!!!

I'm not sure if this guy is:
a) turned on by zombies
b) wanted me to associate sex with gross half-dead people
c) thinks it's funny to fuck with me

Let's go with option c. 

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