October 19, 2012

The Over-Texter

Remember Sarcastic Profile Guy from Monday's post? I gave him my number.


I know he thinks it's the girls who are totally crazy, but I think it might be him. He's texting me WAY too much. It's annoying. There has to be balance, people!

There are so many things that are wrong about this "conversation." 
  • The first text was at 9:45am, fifteen minutes after I got to work. Too early to text if I don't really know you.
  • "Good to meet up tomorrow?" is NOT asking a girl out on a first date. That's why I didn't reply.
  • But he didn't give up. 10am is a little better than 9:45am.
  • Yup, I still didn't reply.

This is why he's 34 and single. 


  1. The pace of some men's messages make me anxious! Even if I like the guy, I get overwhelmed. I find that if I pace out my responses, he eventually will too.

    Nothing ticks me off more than when a guy says something to the effect of "oh you're such a busy bee."

    1. But hypocritically, I don't mind waiting 2 hours to respond but I still want him to respond quicker... if I like him, that is :)

    2. And that's why we are girls! So complicated ;)

  2. This is just bizarre. How is 9:45 too early to message someone? And how else would you ask someone out? There was nothing wrong with how he texted you.

    1. Hello Anonymous,
      I wouldn't say 9:45 is always too early...I love a good morning text from a guy I like. But when you've literally JUST started messaging each other the night before, it's kind of overwhelming. And you only saw a small snippet of our conversation. It was a lot of texts, with little to no response from me. And if you think "Do you want to meet up?" is the proper way to ask a girl out....you're probably single. Thanks for reading!

    2. Fair enough, if he was texting you a lot with no response.

      I'm not single, though I'm not sure why you'd use that as an insult.

      I have no idea why you don't like "Do you want to meet up?" I don't see why asking someone out means you can't talk like a normal person. How do you prefer to be asked out?

      It sounds like you have a more traditional approach to dating: you like guys to pay for you. Do you like guys to set a date, time, and place, and then just ask or tell you to meet you there? I never understood that approach: what if that's not a good time or place for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for answering!

    3. To me, if there hasn't been any mention of meeting in person, it's kind of a let down to say "Hey, you good to meet up tomorrow?" I think that sounds a little casual. And you're right, in a lot of ways I'm very traditional in regards to courtship. I think a guy should call me, or at least text me that he would really enjoy meeting me in person. I do want him to pay on the first date, yes. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to spoil the shit out of him, too. I love planning fun dates! I just would like him to take the lead in the beginning.

      But I'm not an expert. As all blogs are, this one is just MY opinion. I don't think I'm right about everything...these are just my thoughts :)

  3. I also need to respond to "Anonymous"
    I'm sorry but what you say is also as important as how you say it. Using "u" sounds pretty immature, especially when you are already making a reasonable attempt at proper grammar. I/we aren't teenie boppers anymore and communicate at a level of maturity appropriate for the conversation. "Good to meet up tomorrow?" is about as half ass an attempt as you can get to being both classy and witty when asking a girl out.
    -learning in LA

  4. I'm normally not the kinda guy to comment on these type of post just here to read other's opinions, but this just is a little confusing. I agree the way he asked to meet was kinda weak. An if you had been ignoring his past messages clearly meeting should be the last thing on his mind if your not even willing to respond. My thing is clearly this guy doesn't get it. So why not just flat out tell him he turned you off and that you are no longer interested? I mean just from reading he sounds like a guy who's not use to courting a woman. Or maybe he's just nervous an really likes something about you so he coming off a lil strong. My thing is every woman is different. Just by the 1 response I see you gave him reason to think you actually are just busy an that's why your not responding. An because he's not the brightest star in the sky he doesn't get it . When woman like a guy they don't usually mind those text. But maybe his problem was not actually giving you the chance to like him before coming off so strongly.. But nice post and thanks for taking time to read my opinion.



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