October 22, 2012

Ten People I Envy

...right now.
***Warning: This post was written under the influence of wine.***

  1. The girl who just posted a photo of the bouquet of flowers her boyfriend got her "just because."
  2. The guy who is taking his new girlfriend on vacation next weekend...and posting about it publicly on Facebook.
  3. The girl who is out on Friday night with five of her hot, single girlfriends meeting a ton of cute guys and not caring what comes of it.
  4. The adorable hipster couple that sat in front of me at The xx concert, cuddled up in blankets drinking wine together.
  5. My dog. Asshole sleeps all day and then I come home because it's the responsible thing to do...and he ignores me because my roommate has chicken.
  6. My ex's girlfriend that I stalk on instagram who just posted a photo of them celebrating their two-year anniversary.
  7. My roommate who is in her late thirties and doesn't seem to give a shit that she's single. She owns a house.
  8. The guys who can have sex with a girl for months and not feel emotionally attached. Because I just can't do that.
  9. My friends that made a career out of singing, dancing, and/or acting. I'm a quitter.
  10. Hot girls. Damn you.

At least I have this incriminating photo of
Oliver and the Big Dick Bunny

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