October 18, 2012

Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm.

I got an email after yesterday's post:

"Hey there. Sounds like you're getting pretty jaded with all the online dates. If you aren't feeling the butterflies anymore, maybe you should stop."

That's the third person to tell me I'm "jaded." I hate that stupid word.


Tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something.

I wouldn't label myself as "jaded." Sure, I'm just as tired of being single as the next soon-to-be 28 year-old whose Facebook is filled with engagements, weddings, and pregnancy announcements. But I wouldn't say I've had too much of dating. It hasn't lost its appeal. Love is awesome.

I know what the butterflies feel like, I just don't expect them on a first date with someone I met online. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone interesting out in the real world? It's just not the same with online dating. The first date is more of a test...to see if you want to go on a real life date with them. You just want to be sure they look like what they said they look like, and screen them for the psycho-gene. It's not as organic as real life.

So, please excuse my lack of enthusiasm. My butterflies are still alive; they're just not getting their hopes up too soon.

However, if being "jaded" means I am Mila Kunis in the Aerosmith music video, I'm all in!

mila kunis jaded


  1. I have to say, I always loathed it when people said the same thing to me. Sometimes I feel jaded, sure, but mostly I think I'm just realistic. Like you said, online dating is its own animal, and you have to be aware of what it means and how it goes.

    I think sometimes these are the same people who told me to stop online dating and date people from the real world. :/ Um, the real world guys are no better, and at least with online dating I can filter on SOME level in advance! ;)

    1. Real world guys are definitely no better. Should I go get wasted at a bar and hope for the best? ;)



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