October 31, 2012

I'm dressing as a slutty _____ for Halloween.

I'm a single girl. It's our job to dress like a slutty version of ourselves on Halloween.

Here's a list of some of my slutty costumes (and a large percentage of them have been successful for this single girl, if you know what I mean) in case you need a last minute idea:

  • Slutty Pirate aka "Whore of the Caribbean"
  • Slutty Little Red Riding Hood
  • Slutty Girl Scout aka "Boy Scout"
  • Slutty Panda 
  • Slutty Mermaid
  • Slutty Cookie Monster 
  • Miley Cyrus (no slutty required)
  • Slutty Cowgirl
  • Slutty Minnie Mouse
But my most successful costume (even though I didn't meet anyone that night) would have to be...

Slutty Spelling Bee
Nerdy glasses and cleavage for the win.


  1. Happy Halloween to my Slutty daughter? Thank goodness you only dress slutty on a holiday. xox

  2. The slutty spelling bee! My fave!!
    Hopeful in LA



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