October 24, 2012

Hot N Cold

He Likes Me!
He invites me to dinner.

He Doesn't Like Me.
For the next two weeks he only wants to see me after he's been out drinking.

He Likes Me! 
He invites me over just to hang out, knowing I'm umm...out of commission.

He Doesn't Like Me.
....then jokes that I'll owe him.

He Likes Me!
He invites me out on a Saturday night (prime time) to a bar where some of his friends will be.

He Doesn't Like Me.
"Hey, this is my friend Lindsay."

He Likes Me!
Public display of affection.

He Doesn't Like Me.
I think that happened after a few drinks. Doesn't count.

katy perry hot and cold

Ugh. I'm living a Katy Perry song. Low point.


  1. I hate the guys who are hot and cold! A Saturday invite isn't prime time if he's out with friends and you're just meeting them, unless you arrive and leave together like an established "thing."

    Boys are idiots.

    1. Just want to clarify that we did go just the two of us and meet them there...and leave the two of us. :)



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