October 4, 2012

Grocery Guy

It's no secret that the grocery store is a common place to check out, and potentially hit on, attractive people. While I cannot recommend dating someone who works at a grocery store, I will say I enjoy being approached while doing my shopping. I really need to learn to dress a little cuter when I go...I'm always wondering why guys approach me when I'm in sweats, no makeup, and yesterday's hair.

I ran in for a quick little trip to my local store, and while wandering in one of the aisles when I heard a friend, "Hello." I barely had time to look up and say hi back before he was on his way down the aisle. It didn't hit me until a few seconds later that he was just some random guy talking to me...and he was really cute!

I managed to see him again on my way out. I got in the same line. When he finished check out, he simply looked up, smiled, and went on his way.

WTF? We totally had a moment!

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