October 12, 2012

Ace a First Date: For Girls

Since Ace a First Date: For Guys has been a popular post, I figured it's only right we do a list for girls. I didn't want to write it from my perspective since clearly I am not an expert. My best single guy friend helped me put together a list of do's and don't's for the ladies!
Here are Pinata's tips for a great first date (with commentary by yours truly):
  1. Don't check your phone; put it on silent. ~ Your work emails and texts to friends can wait a couple hours. Lindsay says: it's okay to check and update your friends when he goes to the bathroom...just don't get caught!
  2. Don't talk about your exes. ~ This should be self-explanatory, but why do girls always do it? Guys don't care. Lindsay says: resist resist resist the urge to talk about "...this one time, my ex and I..." I think very often we jump back in the saddle right after a break-up (unlike guys who seem to wait FOREVER) so it happens to be fresh in our mind and hearts. 
  3. Be cute, but not slutty. ~ Lindsay asks: How should a girl dress on the first date? Guys are always so casual. Pinata says: Not overly trendy...show some skin, but leave some mystery. "Get the gears turning, but don't show what's under the hood!"
  4. Don't be picky when ordering. ~ You don't want to seem indecisive or high maintenance. And yes, it's okay to actually eat more than a salad.
  5. Don't get drunk. ~ Pinata recommends 2-8 drinks, Lindsay says: Eight drinks?!? WTF? I'd be on the floor. (He was joking.)
  6. Be engaged. ~ Ask questions. Try not to just answer his questions and ask, "what about you?" Be creative.
  7. Laugh at jokes and smile a lot. ~ Lindsay says: I am so good at that! Wait, why don't I have a boyfriend?
  8. If you talk about something you both like, suggest you do it together. ~ This shows the guy that you are interested in seeing him again, and you want to create a personal, special memory.
  9. At least offer to pay for your portion. ~ It gives the guy an opportunity to be the man, say thank you, and let you know they've got it. Lindsay says: Bleh. I disagree. Maybe that's why I'm single.
  10. Appear kissable. ~ We both agree that if you like someone, the first kiss should happen on the first date. Stay close so the guy knows you want to be kissed. Face him; give the opportunity. Fumble the keys, Hitch-style.
cone of shame

What do you think, people?


  1. I can't stop laughing at the cone of shame. Great post!
    -getting a clue in LA

    1. It's only a matter of time until Oliver's meme goes viral!

  2. I like the last point. If a girl wants a second date, she should welcome a first kiss... leave the guy with some mystery but also feeling secure that you were into him. Trust me, he will definitely make the next date even better.

    1. Thank you! I completely agree...second date is definitely the time for impressing :)

    2. I've read somewhere that a girl should dress to the 7s, not the 9s. Save something for the next date. And if there isn't one, than you didn't waste all that time getting fancy.

  3. #8 is tricky. much like all of the date a lot depends on chemistry so i'm nervous about making future plans. of course a glass of wine helps.... and i have absolutely no idea how to drop my keys hitch style. i feel like so many first dates end awkwardly!



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