September 5, 2012

Must Love Meat

I've dated my fair share of vegetarians, and it's fine in the short-term, but really there's something about it that I just couldn't handle FOR-EV-ER. I may be a California girl who loves a good organic salad and quinoa, but I need some red meat in my life. To show potential suitors just how important hamburgers are to me, I use the photo below as my main photo on dating sites:

Sometimes I feel a little strange using it, considering The Aussie took it on my trip to Australia. I've never been sure if my huge genuine smile can be attributed to him, or the massive burger with fried egg topping. It could really go either way. This photo seems to attract all kinds of interesting "ice breakers" from guys online:

"Hey baby...I'll give you some meat" the obvious response, and sometimes guys don't get the Asian Tourist pose and actually insult me for using a knife and fork on a burger.

So readers, I challenge you to a caption contest! Give me your best shot!


  1. My life could definitely use some of your yolks ;)

    Love Always,
    Fellow victim of bad online pick ups ("If I take you to dinner can I get my manscape for free?")

  2. "You want to fork me?"

    "Say cheese!"

    Sorry, such bad yokes...

  3. "You lose weight by doing it like this!"
    I owe this quote to Clueless... One of my faves!



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