September 10, 2012

I deleted you.

some ecard drunk texting
I'm somewhat notorious for a drunk text or two...or ten. Whatever. If a guy is on my good side, most likely a late night text will mean he's getting lucky. If he's on my bad side, better watch out.

See I'm the "cool girl" who will never start fights when I first start dating a guy. But if he's fucked up a few times, I unleash the bitch on him when drunk. All that anger just builds up and coupled with whiskey, it's a recipe for disaster. Just ask one of my best male friends who received a text from me after a fight that read:

The Busy Builder had it coming. On the eve of my best friend's wedding, I decided to delete his phone number to prevent drunk texts ruining my's about her, not him. He'd already lost privilege of having his name saved in my phone; I only save numbers of people I'm sure will be around for awhile. But on Friday as I sat getting my nails done with the girls, my phone dinged. Noooooo! I tried to ignore. The rehearsal dinner got started, and it turned into a complete debauchery. If you knew my friends, you'd understand. The groom bought us shots of patron and it all went downhill from there. He texted me, and I responded:

Me: You're annoying.

BB: What?

Me: I deleted you.

BB: What? On your phone?

Me: Yes. If you don't like me or want to date me, don't bother texting me.

BB: Just cuz we aren't meant to be doesn't mean I don't like you or want to hang out. There's a difference.

...and then I passed out.

His text made absolutely no sense to me. But of course this dumb girl texted him the next morning and the rest of the weekend. And then I jokingly asked him to bring me ice cream on Sunday as I sat in my hot backyard, totally hungover.

Knock knock.

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