August 23, 2012

That's Not Fair.

I'm a planner. I also have a concert ticket addiction. I usually buy two tickets and end up scrambling to find someone who wants to go with me. #singlegirlproblems

As I had begun to introduce The Busy Builder to good music by providing him with some new cds, (ultimate girl move to make him a mixtape) I thought it might be time to invite him to be my date to one of my many concert events. I was extremely nervous to ask him because I had a strong feeling that he would say he would be working and could not attend. When I asked him, he told me his brother was in town for his birthday that weekend, but he thought he could make it work by going home to be with family Saturday and coming back for the concert on Sunday.

This was not just any concert. It was a show at the OC Fair, one of my favorite Orange County events. And even more awesome that the band, Young the Giant, is from Irvine therefore playing a hometown show!

Beer + Fried Food + Carnival Games + Rides + Live Music = 

Best Date EVER!

I double, triple, and quadruple checked if he could come. I even watched as he entered the event into his Google Calendar. Considering his flaky history, I was feeling very nervous when I told some of my friends from Newport Beach to meet us there. I told one of my best girl friends to be on call as a back up date to the show. She understood. 

Friday night before the show, he asked me to go out on a date to Wurstkutche in Venice (I totally recommend it, btw. Rabbit and rattlesnake sausage for the win!) While playing games at the bar, we befriended one of the hipster bartenders. The Busy Builder called me out, shouting to the bartender, 
"Can you believe this girl? She invites me on a date to a concert, but has a back up plan because she thinks I'll flake!!!" Hipster Bartender was on my side. I fucking love hipsters. And beards.

Saturday morning, The Busy Builder left my house for his parents' home. I didn't hear from him all day or night. That's fine; he's with family. Sunday morning, I jumped up at 7:30am due to my phone receiving a text:
"Hey, so I'm really sorry but I told my parents I needed to leave this morning and they are freaking out. It's become a huge deal because I'm an idiot and thought my brother's birthday was Saturday but it's really today and they planned this big birthday dinner for him. I feel like such an asshole, but do you think you can take your friend to the concert? I'll make it up to you."

Please don't do this. You promised me. And this is exactly what you knew I was freaking out about. And also, of all the times to pussy out and text instead of calling...this is not that time. 

We spoke on the phone for about ten minutes of him apologizing and saying what a jerk he was. I told him I was horribly embarrassed and didn't see why he didn't make sure something like this wouldn't happen. He could have asked his parents for the weekend plan. If he cared about me at all, he wouldn't have let it go down this way. "There's no way you can make this up to me. It's way too soon in our dating for you to make me cry." 

It hurts my heart to even write this entry. But thanks to my amazing bestie and the power of a deep-fried klondike bar...I pulled myself out of bed and drove to the OC Fair without him.

Goodbye, Busy Builder. Guess you are just too busy to care about my feelings.


  1. This post just pissed me off AND made me feel good all over again. Fried food, beer, rides, music...and a brawl after! Best fair experience of my life (: thank you Linds!

    1. You are the cheese to my macaroni...I'd recognize those backwards smiley faces anywhere! :)



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