August 24, 2012

Special Delivery

The next few days were rather dreary. I felt like a fool. Put my heart out there once again..and got burned. The Busy Builder texted to ask how the concert was, and I told him he needed to figure out if he really wanted me as part of his life. He decided to take the week to think about his "priorities." I happened to be out and about when this happened and parked across from a flower truck covered in fake roses. Perfect. I sent him a photo of it as a suggestion for what to do if he really did want to make it up to me...No response. 

On Thursday morning, feeling particularly weak, I left my cell phone at home so I wouldn't stare at it NOT RINGING. It was probably just broken or know, like when I didn't get his texts on our first date? Around lunchtime, the door to my office opened and the thing I saw was a beautiful bouquet of flowers! The 1-800-flowers delivery man walked right up to me and announced they were for me...Lindsay!! This is happening! He sent me flowers! He likes me! He's sorry for what happened and wants to be together!

My hands were shaking as I ripped the card open...

Welcome to my life. I could NOT make this stuff up.

Thanks, Mom. It was a very kind thought....very bad timing. 

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