August 16, 2012

Is bad tipping a Dealbreaker?

...if you're an ex-server, potentially.

On our first date, The Busy Builder admitted to not really understanding why we tip in this society:

"I don't get a tip. Why should they? If anything, people cut down my fees and I make LESS money."

Um, you realize people who you tip are purposely in a field where they can make money be giving great service right? Otherwise, they're making minimum wage.

"Ya, but they're still not getting more than 15% from me. And definitely no tip to the valet for driving my car 20 feet. And no tip for the car wash."

[Insert Lindsay's "this is awkward" face.]

And then I sent him to Gratuity Not Included...but he was too busy to read it. 

I will confess that I always peek at the check when I'm on a date with a guy. Habit, I guess. Guys who are great tippers get extra points in my book. Then there are guys like Sandwich Guy, who on most dates...handed me his credit card and then fled the scene. "You sign for me, babe." I fucking hate when guys call me babe.  Barf.

I decided that in The Busy Builder's case, bad tipping would NOT be a Dealbreaker. 

...Oh, sorry. I was just daydreaming about the ways I could change you. Soon you'll be a great tipper, your Affliction shirts will be burned, and your musical taste will reflect something better than Weezer. 


  1. Bad tipping is always a deal breaker for me.

    On the first date with my now-husband...I peeked to see if there would even be a second date. He tipped 25%. Obviously I liked him enough to give him a second date. :)

    1. That's a good man! Thank you for reading...I was excited to see a comment from you! Still loving your blog! :)

  2. I was at a bar when a college-aged couple walked in. He bought the drinks but stiffed the bartender. While he was an obvious douche, I actually lost more respect for his girlfriend, who watched the whole transaction and did nothing.
    If you tolerate bad behaviour, you most certainly will see more of it.

    1. Ya I hate seeing things like that...I definitely was not quiet about it! Haha. He knows he can't pull that around me!



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