August 13, 2012

Backpack Guy

I took a trip to San Francisco to visit a bunch of friends in the area, and stayed with my stepsister. Not an hour into my weekend there, my stepsister tells me she wants to send me on a blind date while I'm visiting. Really? I'm here for two days! Apparently she had gone out with a nice, Jewish guy there and had no chemistry but thought he might be great for me.

True to my word that I'm pretty open to being fixed up, I figured why not. She arranged for us to meet on Sunday evening for drinks. He met us after dinner and she went back home after the initial introduction. As I walked outside the restaurant to meet him, I took note of my blouse and boots and saw he was wearing....

a backpack.

He was also wearing a sweatshirt...on a blind date. I'm clearly overdressed, but aren't we going to a bar? And why does he need a backpack, anyway? What's in there?? Instead of drinks, he asked if we could go to a coffee shop. Sure, why not? He ordered a hot cider and I ordered some tea. We talked for a little bit, but he was giving me every signal that he wasn't interested.

  • "I'm really focused on work right now"
  • "All my friends live on the east coast, so I'll probably move back there"
  • And did I mention he had his backpack with him??

After about thirty minutes, he looked at his watch and told me he really had to get back to work...on a Sunday night at 8:30pm. We walked outside the coffee shop to say goodbye. When I told him I planned to walk fifteen minutes back to my stepsister's house, he did not offer to walk me or pay my cab fare. Oh was a really nice walk.

P.S. My stepsister was embarrassed about the way he handled the date...she agreed that the backpack was an odd choice of accessory.


  1. I understand the backpack completely.

    He was leaving to go to "work" and possibly re-locate to the East coast...that evening at 8:31 if the date didn't work out!

    You are a trooper for staying through your tea:)



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