August 7, 2012

An offer I couldn't refuse

You may think it's harsh, but for me...snoring is a Dealbreaker. How could we possibly share a life together without being able to sleep in the same bed? Just as I was trying to limit my contact with Sandwich Guy by being "busy," he texted the most magical phrase I'd ever seen:

"If I got us tickets to Coachella, would you want to go?"

I explained that while his offer would be this little wannabe hipster's dream come true, I hadn't purchased tickets because I simply could not afford it. His response? "I'm not worried about that."

Free trip to Coachella? I can't turn this down...can I?

Coachella: a weekend of all sorts of my favorite bands
No-chella: with a guy I'm not that into

Coachella: maybe it would bring us together
No-chella: or maybe we'd kill each other

Coachella: he must see long-term potential for us
No-chella: I'll probably have to sleep with him if I say yes...

Why am I even having this inner-battle of ethics? It's Coachella! And he invited you! Just go! What's the worst thing that could happen?


It would be wrong if I didn't mention the other reason I said "YES" to Coachella: The Aussie. After our breakup, he decided to follow through with his US Work Visa and moved to Austin, Texas. He met a girl. He bought her a ticket and flew her to Coachella with him...with tickets that were meant for us. But I had declined his offer.

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