August 21, 2012

A New Facebook Friend

The morning after our drunken reunion, The Busy Builder took me to breakfast. We had a baby version of "The Talk." It went kinda like this:

BB: So, your friends are really awesome!

Me: Yes, I know. It was fun having you meet them.

BB: Yeah, I honestly didn't expect to see you again.

Me: Well...I was pretty mad. But then I got over it. 

BB: It's just been crazy timing because right after I met you, work got so crazy and I'm having trouble managing the stress of it all. I haven't even seen my friends in weeks...

Me: I just think you need to figure out your work/life balance. I'm going to be that person that commands you to have fun more often!

BB: Wow...that's really nice. You're a great lady. 
(Duh. I'm awesome!)

And just like that, he snapped into a different person. He started texting regularly (sometimes that's all it takes to make a girl feel good, guys). He was super supportive while I went through some training at work. And I even went over to his house in sweats and he told me I looked hot. What a nice man. We also became Facebook friends. And he wrote on my wall... 

I did what every girl would do. I looked through all the photos of him and his ex-gf, and made myself want to vomit. She's pretty. Wow, they went on a lot of trips together. Hmm this picture is kind of that when he told me they broke up? Ew, a kissing photo! EXIT FACEBOOK. I also decided I needed to lose weight. After the initial stalking, I made a promise:



  1. I'm not going to lie. I looked through your facebook comments to figure out what The Busy Builder's face looks like.



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