August 15, 2012

A girl's gotta eat!

Having a crush may be the greatest thing ever. I knew right off the bat that I really enjoyed talking to and spending time with The Busy Builder, but I didn't want to limit myself since I had been messaging another guy online before I met him. I agreed to a Friday Happy Hour at one of my favorite spots in Culver City for Mexican food and margaritas.

He was early, and I was a little late. As I approached the restaurant, I saw a nerdy looking hipster sitting solo on the patio. I took a deep breath, and said hi. The girls at the table next to us instantly noticed that this was a first date, and I felt a little embarrassed to be there with him. I can already tell I'm not attracted. Nerdy Hipster was a Missouri transplant, and worked as a bitch assistant writer on a cartoon that he admitted to being terrible. In fact, it seems as though he hates his job...and life in general. Sounds wonderful. 

guacamoleI knew I liked The Busy Builder more, but we'd had a massacre at work that day, so I decided to go with it and get some free margaritas...and chips and guacamole...and a full plate of tacos. Don't judge me! I didn't care if this guy thought I was ladylike, so I practically licked my plate clean. I can't even remember what we talked about, but the food was awesome. He got up to use the restroom and I seriously contemplated getting up and leaving. After we finished eating, he asked if I wanted to head to one of the bars in the area for another drink. I told him I was too tired from the crazy work week, and wanted to get home.

We walked toward the parking structure past one of my favorite hidden little bars, and I noticed the bartender outside on a smoke break. Nerdy Hipster offered to walk me up to my car. "That's nice, but I'm good. Thank you for dinner!" 

I hope that bartender didn't recognize me from my Tuesday Date there with The Busy Builder...And shit, I'm wearing the exact same outfit. The bartender thinks I'm a whore.

P.S. Nerdy Hipster called me the next day to ask me on a second date. Apparently guys are into chicks who eat. Who knew!

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  1. Haha, I am loving the bartender busts! You know I'm guilty of the outfit repeat, too!



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