July 30, 2012

Crash into internet dating

Car Accident

This is what happened after my first date with a guy I met online...
Needless to say, we did not have a second date. 

What a way to get really excited about dating again...It took me about six months after The Aussie and I broke up to break down and join a free internet dating site. If you have ever tried this out, maybe you're like me and just responded to almost anyone (ALMOST) who messaged you. When I finally caught the attention of a guy I thought seemed pretty cute and interesting, I gave him my phone number. One phone call later, we made plans to go out on a Thursday night. 

I'm not going to even pretend I don't get nervous on first dates. But then I got there and I was my usual charming self. Unfortunately, he was SO into himself, I don't think he was even listening to what I said. One of my big pet peeves about LA guys that live on the Westside is that they feel like they are above everyone else. This guy grew up blocks away from me in the Valley, but was shocked that I kept my 818 area code after moving away. Oh, get over yourself. You're not even that cute...and you're DEFINITELY not 5'10". Sorry, dude.

On my way home, I started texting one of my male best friends about the date. Just as I hit some serious traffic where the 10 freeway meets the 405...BOOM! I rammed right into the car in front of me. I was mortified. 

Dating is going to be awesome!! I never told the guy I went on the date with about the accident. Well, he never tried to reach me anyway. Asshole. 


  1. I won't even respond to guys under 6'1", because all the ones who 'say' they are '6 foot'....are SO not. They'll be shorter than me.
    It's like....I'm going to notice as soon as I meet you in person; why lie??

    Good work, Linds. Good work.
    Sorry about your car! ugh.

  2. Yes, still reading :D

    I met my husband through [believe it or not it existed] Cable TV personals. No joke. Anyway - I think I got the one and only man who actually told the truth about his height. He said 6'3 and he is 6'3.

    He was my first, last, only blind date hook up through the personals and can you imagine us ol' folk did it without benefit of PICTURES. I can hear the collective gasp out there. We have been married 17 years.

    For what it's worth and why I wrote this comment - men who don't lie on their ads DO exist. I promise. They just happen to be few and far between I see. I still can't believe a guy would lie about his height when it is something that isn't going to miraculously change before the date on Saturday. I guess it is the woman/weight lie equivalent?

    1. I agree 100% it's the equivalent of the woman/weight lie... I pretty much always assume about 2-3 inches shorter than what the guy claims! ;)



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